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The Irish Banking Crisis and Corporate Elite Capture

Not so long ago, when I was doing my Masters degree, I wrote a thesis on the disastrous flotation of Eircom and how the Irish financial media failed to inform the public of the risks of share ownership, an oversight … Continue reading

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The Irish Times and archival censorship

Note: The author is a PhD researcher specialising in media archives at the University of Ulster. This piece has been edited following a complaint from the Irish Times. Weeks after promising its arrival, the Irish Times’ online editor Hugh Linehan … Continue reading

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The Irish Times likes mentally ill people. It’s their best friend. But it doesn’t trust them.

The editor of the Irish Times, Kevin O’Sullivan, obviously has shares in JCB as his latest response to the Kate Fitzgerald affair indicates that he has no intention of ceasing to dig a hole for himself and his paper until … Continue reading

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Heil to that, Max! The Irish Times guide to defamation

I haven’t visited the Kate Fitzgerald saga for a while but seeing as The Irish Times’ editor, Kevin O’Sullivan, is due to meet her parents tomorrow over the censoring of her final words, I decided that this observation might be … Continue reading

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An open letter to Kevin O’Sullivan

Note I have fixed a slight grammatical error since I originally posted this – it can be hard to be coherent while emotional To Kevin O’Sullivan, editor, the Irish Times Dear Mr O’Sullivan, I don’t normally conduct my correspondence in … Continue reading

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How to complain to the Irish Times

A few people have asked me over the past day to provide them with pointers as to how to officially complain about the treatment of Kate Fitzgerald and her final words by the Irish Times. It goes without saying that … Continue reading

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The Irish Times speaks (in triplicate)!

Remember Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? It appears that the Irish media has its equivalent in the Irish Times, which managed to publish no fewer than three contradictory and hypocritical statements yesterday as it sought to satisfy its readers and … Continue reading

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